Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday's In My City...

              I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I can't believe it's already sunday. Next week I am heading to the zoo with some other expat friends and hope to bring you some great photos! This week it's all about the birds : )
      All of these photos were taken inside my house. When I stood outside they would hear the constant focusing sound of my camera and would take off. So I've learned to hold my breath to keep my camera still while standing at the window.
       I keep a constant supply of delicious bird food for them.
         They reward me with a few seconds of non movement as I frantically snap away.
            They sure are cute : )
        Can you believe we even had a light dusting of snow the other day? Thank goodness it was gone within a few hours. I wish you all a wonderful week ahead! My two sons head back to school tomorrow after having a week off. I'll be busy planting seeds for my veggie container garden, baking, and working on some DIY around the house..with my lovely husband who also took an additional week off : ) I love the 7 weeks of paid vacation a year here!!! Head over to Unknown Mami and see what she is up to along with everyone else!    
Unknown Mami