Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday's In My City...

      There was laundry that needed to be done,a floor that needed vaccumed,wood that needed polished,and muffins that needed to be baked. However there was a bright blue sky and everything else was tossed aside as we headed out to enjoy it.
      We took #1 son out to race his remote control car that he got for christmas...the car can go over 50 miles an hour..Im slightly jealous.
      I love looking at all the different styles of apartment living here.
         I will always prefer a house to an apartment.
       The water towers here are magical looking.
      After living here almost 4 years,I still have to get used to the different way they tell time. That clock shows 13:06 wich is 1:06pm. They keep counting up until midnight at wich point it will then be 00:00. If you ask the time it will would never be thirteen o'clock but the correct one o'clock..but even then the way they say that is different. I will have to have my husband type out the super confusing ways of telling the time here. It's not 5 degrees either like it shows up there. They go by right now it's 5 celcius wich is something like 41 degrees. Please stop by Unknown Mami's and check out her sunday aswell as everyone else's..and then join in yourself! Have a great week!
Unknown Mami