Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday's In My City...

      We officially had a White Christmas yesterday! we were pretty much snowed in for the day..but that was alright. We spent the morning openening gifts and taking it easy.
            The sun even managed to come out for the day!
  This is how we are spending our evening tonight. Every year my husband gets a special booklet from work to pick out a gift. We decided to get ourselves a gourmet wok set. It's really popular here to get gourmet sets in various shapes and designs. The idea behind it is that you place it in the middle of the table,cut up a ton of different meats and vegetables,and everyone is able to cook their own stuff. It's alot of fun because you can chat while you cook your own meal. So every Dec 26th we've decided as a family to eat this way while we chat about the year and what we hope the new year will bring for us. See you next weekend! New Year's is huge's the one day the Dutch are allowed to buy ginormous fireworks and set them off..for Americans think 4th of July only here they actually set off the giant fireworks you see on tv. It scares the poo out of me every single time. The whole house shakes for about 45mins! Head on over to Unknown Mami to see what everyone else is up to today: )

Unknown Mami