Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The BEST Blondie Recipe!!

If you have plans to bake today..you need to throw out whatever you have planned and bake these. Hands down these are the BEST blondies..Ever  I woke up this morning to a bright beautiful sun and I knew what I had to do.. I pushed everyone out the door to head to work and school and I got busy. I knew I had minimal time before the rain came..we've got snow in the forecast..so it was now or never to get a perfect pic to go along with these perfect blondies :)

I don't even know where to begin with how amazing these are. The peanut butter,peanuts,cinnamon and peanut butter chocolate chips all came together like a perfect marriage. Each one brought their best and made sure not to outshine the rest. The blondie was chewy,moist and makes you stop,close your eyes, and smile. My toes even curled up in delight. My two sons who come home for lunch ate their sandwiches in record time. They each took a bit and they too knew what it was all about.

This recipe comes from Bakeologie. She posted it for the Tuesdays with Dorie. I must be the last person on earth who has no clue who Dorie is. I always see the posts about it but I've never taken the time to figure out who she is. I went over and took a peek. I guess you sign up and make one of her recipes from her book every tuesday. Each person who signs up gets the chance to pick one of her recipes and make it. They ask that only the hostess post the recipe so I thought I had better atleast stick to that. I will post the link at the end and I hope you take the time to bake these.

The only change I made was by using an 8x8 inch pan since I don't have a 9x9. The top got brown..a little to brown but I was worried the middle wasn't cooked enough through. When I cut into the blondies there was a harder top  and then a slight pocket of air and then the actual blondie part. It made cutting them harder but it wasn't a problem and seriously the taste makes up for any issues with the cutting of it.

So head over to HERE get the recipe and bake them today!!!