Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday's In My City...

 Happy Halloween Everyone! There really isn't trick or treating here. They might do it in larger cities but not so much where we are. We headed to Rotterdam to visit friends and return to Kinderdijk to get better photos. I posted about this HERE during the summer and wanted another change to get better photos..who knew you needed to head there during the fall instead of summer to get great shots! The pic above is of a water tower! We have the coolest water towers here!
                    Here's a close up of it.

     The sun came out while we were there. I think the sun gods decided to make up for our very grey weather the first time around.

        I've got a ton of pics to go through but these are the ones I have managed to get done with. I hope you enjoyed your time here. Please head on over to Unknown Mami and see what she is up to along with everyone else who joins in today! See you next week