Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Candy Corn Shaped Sugar Cookies

           Happy Halloween!! I know it's a few days short of the actual day but I don't care :) Halloween isn't celebrated over here wich was a huge let down for my kids. However that doesn't stop us from carving pumpkins when we can find them(I even managed to grow 3 one year),baking goodies,and munching on our favorite candy that our friends and family send us every year. I usually bake something around this time and decided on the popular candy corn shaped cookies I keep seeing everywhere.
       I know you are probably wondering why my candy corns are not the traditional orange,yellow and white color. Funny thing about food's nearly impossible to find here. You need to head to speciality shops and I did go and buy a red one awhile back but I've gone and lost it. I searched for days and days and just decided to go with a two yellow and white theme.

This isn't so much of a recipe as a how-to kind of thing. Basically you take your favorite sugar cookie recipe..I always use THIS one. You need to split the dough into 3 even portions and color one yellow and one orange and leave the last one white. Then you take a loaf pan and line it with wax/parchment paper. You want it to extend over the sides so that you can cover it up and then lift it out when it's ready to be sliced.You basically want to make a pressed sandwich out of the colors. Press the first color on the bottom,then press the second one on top of that, and then the third on top of that one. Pop it into the fridge for atleast 2 hours but can be left in longer.
                  I had slight troubles with mine. I used a silicone loaf pan and the sides were to flimsy to really press the dough down. It looks like a big piece of After you have chilled the dough for a few hours you take it out of the pan and make 1/4 inch slices. Usine a sharp knife make the candy corn shapes. You will get about 6 wedges per slice.
        I baked my cookies in a 375 or 180 celcius oven for 7-10 mins. You just want the bottoms to turn a nice golden brown. Allow to sit on wire rack for one minute and then transfer to a wire rack. Easy peasy. I have seen others dip the warm cookies into sugar after they have come out of the oven and I have seen others dip the top part into a glaze thats been colored. I went ahead and left mine plain. Click HERE for a step by step tutorial from beginning to end.