Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday's In My City...

Hello Everyone!! Yep it's sunday and we all know what that means!! Unknown Mami's sunday in my city!! Today I am coming to from " Sunny Holland" thats right..we've got sun! of course because of this my youngest is sick with the first back to school cold...So instead of doing something else super exciting I had to reschedule! The photo at the top is a nearby harbor.
    My husband and I took a quick drive through town.
   I lived in the large building to the left for a very short amount of time. This is the front of our city center. There are hundreds of shopping areas in there,places to eat,and twice a week they have an open market..kind of like a Famer's Market.
    I watched that tall building being built. It's directly across from where I lived in the above photo.
                        We zoomed out into the countryside.
                     Drove by a spaceship looking building.
          And spotted a funky looking yellow house! Thanks for swingin by..head on over to Unknown Mami to see what she and everyone else is up to! Have a wonderful week ahead!