Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I know, I know..it's a mosquito and who actually likes them? You don't have to like them but you should take the time to really study one upclose(click on the photo to make it larger). I encourage all levels of photo takers to invest in some kind of Macro lense and head out into your backyard. When I got my macro lense I really started taking the time to hunt around for the smaller creatures in my backyard. My world has been opened up to the teenie weenie caterpillars and the ants,and now this guy. In dutch he's called "langpootmug" wich means long leg mosquito. I think he looks so cool! So what does your "Today" look like? As always we at Communal Global want to know! Link up with us,post a link back to communal global so that everyone else can join in!