Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday's In My City...

Welcome to Sunday's In My City hosted my Unknown Mami. Head on over there to see what she along with everyone who signed up is up to this weekend! See the photo up there? that was taken last year around this time. This is what it looks like now.
    We've gotten a ton of rain all at once..and we flooded. Our neighborhood flooded aswell..You can see the post HERE
                      This is how it should look right now.
                         Guess Mother Nature has other plans.
                          We drove along the back roads.
                                   Visited a small town.
            We drive here alot. The town is called Boekelo.
 On sundays everyone heads into their neighborhood cafe and has a drink and something to eat..and then they people watch. So there you have it..a not to exciting drive through my area :) I wish you all a wonderful week ahead! 
Unknown Mami