Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday's In My City..

Hello,Hello! I am going to make this suuuuper fast. I should be doing a zillion other things before we take off tomorrow. I'm taking a week long vacation from the internet but I promise to be back next sunday with photos of my adventures that I took this week:) In the mean time, head over to Unknown Mami and take a peek into everyone's sunday! See that guy up there? Thats a Woodpecker! I couldn't believe it.
 My husband spotted him. I guess he thought my birdhouse/feeder had some tasty bugs inside.
 These birds are HUGE though..and beautiful.
  I of course could not let this post go by without adding in a few more butterfly shots!
This one did not come out the way I had wanted it to but he was so skittish and it took me forever to even get this shot. The sun was on him so the photo is overexposed. He was this brilliant lime green color and I had never seen one like that before.
    Last up..these beautiful crackers..I'll be shareing the super simple recipe for these when I get back. If you like Cheese Nips or cheese crackers in will want to give these a try : ) Have a wonderful week my friends and I will see you next week for Sunday's In My City!!!