Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Missing Home

It's Tuesday's Around the World with Communal Global..I was going to show a pic of what my today looked like but instead I thought I would post what was on my mind. Home. I am missing home. It's hard sometimes to describe to other people what it feels like to be an Expat. So here goes..Take your house and everything in it and then go around and pick out everything that means something special to you and try and fit it into 4 suitcases..the rest you need to leave behind. Store away all your memories of your friends and family and every single crazy off the wall thing you have done with them and replay it over and over in your head while living in your new country..because sometimes thats the only thing that brings you comfort.

As you try to make new friends and navigate yourself in a new environment that doesn't always make sense you are the odd man out. Noone has any kind of history with you and what was funny back home, doesn't make sense to anyone in your new world. There is noone who knows what you did that one crazy night,or knows you like the back of their hand. Noone remembers seeing you as a child and watched you grow up or knowing exactly what you need without ever having said a word. Your comfort zone is shot now and you constantly wonder if anyone else is going to "get you". So today my friends I am missing every single person out there who remembers the glory days of Punky Brewster,Little House on The Prairie,the wonderful world of growing up in the 80's and 90's,the Aqua Net hair days and getting those bangs up as far as they could possibly go. I miss the sightes of Oregon and knowing where everything was and taking care of everything. I miss freedom,privacy,reeces peanut butter cups, and yes I even miss Wal-Mart. I miss everyone who has a history with me and not getting to see and chat with you on a daily basis. So thats my "Today" and not all todays like this are bad..they are few and far between now but Im always going to miss "Home".
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