Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday's In My City...

Heelloo Everyone! You know what time it is! Unknown Mami allows us cool people to link up with her and share a bit of our world. Head over there and check out everyone's sunday! This week I am taking you to Rotterdam! We headed over there to drop off the dogs and to visit their wonderful owners. I was hoping for sunny photos but it rained! So lets get started. Ok see the area above the freeway? thats actually an animal crossing! they have those all over here. They made them so the wildlife can travel safely back and forth without having to deal with the freeways.
 We saw lots and lots of windmills along the way.
 The clouds were big..and dark..back in Enschede it was sunny!
 Houses we walked passed while heading to the Kinderdijk.
 The Kinderdijk wich means Children's Dike is a famous section of windmills. You can walk along and take wonderful photos and even walk inside one of the mills. The weather was so bad that we just decided to take photos along the road and come back when the weather is better.
                         I love Dutch windmills
  Anyway thats a very small glimpse of life over there. I plan to head back there many times though as we visit our friends there. So hopefully I will have prettier pictures to share in the future! Have a wonderful week ahead!


lytha said...

i've never heard of an animal crossing. i wonder if we have them here. i just notice how i never see dead deer/raccoons/whatever on the highway like back home.

i also love the windmills. old, new, whatever, i love them!

from your photo of those homes, isn't it odd how big front yards seem to be an american thing? or perhaps just not a german thing? it seems the houses themselves almost touch the street (and as you know they often do), but no front yard at all is common. in our neighborhood, the garage or barn is often on the other side of the street! i always wonder why that is.


Rebecca said... kids would LOVE the tunnel and I love the windmills.

Joanna Jenkins said...

The windmills are gorgeous-- not the space age, sterile looking "energy-generating" ones we have in California. I know ours do a good job but they definitely do not paint the landscape as beautifully as yours.

Thanks for the tour.
Happy SIMC,

Lee Ann said...

I always love how your photos remind me of my childhood holidays. I love the thoughtfulness behind the animal crossing too x

Unknown Mami said...

Those windmills are phenomenal!!!

I love the animal crossings. My brain is trying to remind me of where else I've seen them.

Unknown Mami said...

Those windmills are phenomenal!!!

I love the animal crossings. My brain is trying to remind me of where else I've seen them.

ChristineM said...

Gorgeous photos! Those clouds are breath-taking, and the countryside is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing!

May said...

I am just imagining the windmills against a clear blue sky!! How breathtaking can that be??
The muffins turned out great. Made 24 of them and all are over :D. Will try to squeeze in some time to post in the blog!!
Have a great week!!! :)

BLOGitse said...

Windmills like these are really beautiful.
It's been cloudy and sweaty in Casa.
Today I've seen the sun saying hi a few times but it's too busy to stay! :)
Have a good week!

What A Dish! said...

I like the animal crossings- we have those here, but they are specially made for all of the cows!! Lol!!!