Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday's In My City...

It's sunday again! If this is your first time here. Hi there! My name is Sonya and I'm and American living in The Netherlands. Unknown Mami lets us all join in on shareing a piece of ourlives each week. Please head over there to see what she, along with everyone else is up to! This week's theme is "Oh thank goodness the temps are cooler because now I can go outside again"
We zoomed along the backroads enjoying the countryside.
See that? thats how people camp the middle of someones field. They all cram themselves in there and just's like pitching a tent with 50 of our neighbors in your backyard. You can't have campfires at all. Seriously odd way to go camping. No thank you!
 The Twilight craze here is nowhere near the level of what the U.S. has. Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward? I'm Edward all the way:) feels way to creepy to have the hots for an underaged
 Spent sometime hunting for a new pond to fish in!
 There was plenty of beautiful butterflies to take photographs of. I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead and see you next sunday! I'm heading to Rotterdam next sunday and will hopefully have some great photos to share with you!
Unknown Mami