Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Storm

Yesterday we had a nasty storm hit us out of nowhere. We knew something was coming but didn't expect this. My husband called me from work telling me to get ready because it just left where he was and it was really bad. I had just enough time to hang up the phone and walk over to the window. This is what I saw. It went pitch black,the temp dropped and then the clouds started swirling around and around..like a tornado! I ran around the house shutting everything up and then started to worry. My oldest son was out there and we warned him to come home if the weather got bad. The storm lasted about 30 mins.
 He didn't come home until after the storm was over. He was out in the middle of a field and couldn't make it home in time. He took shelter between two trees and when he tried to leave the wind knocked him down over and over again. I'm so thankful for those two strong trees!
  We've got trees down everywhere,some people had broken windows but thankfully noone was injured! It's Communal Globals Tuesday's Around the World. Link up with us and show a part of your "Today" make sure you put a link in your post back to Communal Global:)