Saturday, July 3, 2010

4th of July Strawberries

I am really missing home this weekend! The 4th of July is on sunday and that always means family get togethers,BBQ's,side dishes that stretch out a mile,fireworks,and wonderful conversations. I've missed 3 of these so far and it doesn't get much easier. I'm thinking I need to host a 4th of July get together sometime. I whipped up these super easy patriotic strawberries for tomorrow. We'll be BBQing for sure and I want to wish all my American friends and family,both back home and abroad, a big Happy 4th of July!!!

4th of July Strawberries
White Chocolate; Melted
Strawberries; Cleaned and Dry
Blue tinted Sugar

Dip your clean dry strawberries into the melted white chocolate and let the excess drip off. Dip into the blue sugar and place on a plate. Place in refrigerate until it's had a chance to harden up. I wouldn't allow these to set out in the hot sun. Serve only when you are ready to eat them.