Thursday, July 8, 2010

My House Guests...

The expat community in The Netherlands is pretty tight knit. We pretty much all know about one another even if we don't chat on a regular basis. I have been lucky enough to develope friendships with a few of them. I talked about this before when I did a post on my expat bbq. I met Tammy from Canadutch and Candee from Amongst the Tulips. I've talked with Tammy online for about 3 years now and she probably doesn't fully realise just how much she helped me through my first few years here.  She is a big animal lover like I am and when the chance came up to watch her two adorable dogs, I pretty much twisted her arm into letting them come and stay with us. She and her wonderful husband dropped them off on tuesday..oh wait,let me introduce them to you properly.
  This is Bailey. Isn't he just the cutest?( please ignore my horrible blue carpeting. When we first moved in here we needed to put something down quickly and this was it. If we had more time I would of put down wooden floors and looking back Im glad we have this ugly carpeting. I don't have to worry about what gets dropped. I'm more about living in our house than keeping it as a show piece.) Ok back to Bailey. He is so sweet,kind,and loves the boys. We weren't sure how he was going to take to them since he isn't a big fan of smaller kids. The boys are older though and everything went smoothly.
   This is Pixel. She is soooooo cute!! see that look right there? thats what she does to me when I won't play ball with she's good because I give in..every..single..time. She has the boys right where she wants them too. When they come home there is no more rushing out to play. Instead we all go on walks with the dogs together. It's so crazy..I don't recognise my own kids anymore! I'm thinking we are going to have some problems when I have to return them in 2-1/2 weeks. We are already attached:)