Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Favorite Grocery Store..

Once or twice a week I head over this the south shopping center. It's a small shopping mall area that also has my favorite grocery store..C1000. It's big,has a great selection,and I can find american type products like root beer,maple syrup,and various other items. I thought I would show you the inside! My husband bought a new camera so he is giving me his. I only want it for the camera part of it. I don't actually need a cell phone since noone would ever call me So here we go!
 I took this photo while standing against the poultry section. I didn't take a ton of photos only because I worry about the store workers freaking out on me. This is a rare shot of a store with no people in it. We usually go around 6 or 7 at night and by then it's pretty much a ghost town.
 Here is another shot of the meat section. The signs that say "Actie" means there is a sale of some kind going on.
 This is the spice/herb aisle. I stand there for the longest time and pick out a new spice to try. This week it's Garam Masala. I come in contact with so many new and wonderful spices,herbs,and mixes. Almost all the stores have ethnic foods and I'm able to sample so many different things. This week I'm addicted to Hummus!
 Here is part of the american food section. They have Skippy peanut butter, root beer, microwavable popcorn, marshmallows,and an off brand of mac n cheese. There is a manager guy that perks up whenever I'm in the store. He knows I speak english and watches what american products I stick in my cart. I never buy the peanut butter because WOW is it salty! I never realised how salty american peanut butter is until I was given a jar of it. I threw it out because it didn't taste normal to me anymore.
  We've got Hellmann's Mayo here. I don't usually buy it because it's really expensive. I've gotten use to the light may here. I had a hard time with it because the fat content is much higher and people dip their fries in it more than they make a sandwich with it..yuck!
                                                                                   This is part of the bread and cheese aisle. The shelf life of bread is much shorter..a few days instead of weeks because the bread is made without all the preservatives. You need to get to the store before it closes and even before 5pm because when it's gone, it's gone. They do not restock here throughout the day. The bread is fresh everyday and it tastes amazing.
 This is the cheee section and various other items like cream cheeses,shredded cheeses,and other things. The cheese here comes in blocks or slices..both of wich are huge compaired to the U.S.. A slice of bread with cheese is to big to fit into a normal ziplock bag. You've not tasted cheese until you've had dutch cheese. I'm also able to try different varities of cheese aswell..Im so loving feta these days! I know they sell smoked gouda back home and that is not something you will find here. Infact that cheese tastes nothing like the real gouda you can buy here. Anyway so there you have it. A sneek peek into my favorite store. There are tons of more aisles in this store but I'm not of fan of including people in my photos and my husband was getting impatient:)