Saturday, July 24, 2010

Food Score and My Houseguests Are Leaving :(

We have stores here called Jumbo (pronounced "Yumbo") and they often sell american products. They just opened up a new one a few weeks back and I went there today. 

Whenever I head to a store, I go to 3 places. I hit the spice aisle,the ethnic section,and the baking aisle. It's in those places that I'm likely to find the american products. I already knew that the Jumbo's carried Marshamallow Fluff so I was excited to see it there and snatch up the last one! I headed to the spice section and spotted the Cajun Seasonings right away. I'm going back to pick up the Jamaican Jerk one aswell..but at 2,50 a piece my shopping trip could add up very quickly. Whenever they sell american products the price autmatically jumps up. Still it's nice to see these things and pick them up every once and awhile.

Tomorrow I am heading to Rotterdam. My time with my houseguests have some to an end. I'm going to miss them.
 Pixel is such a sweetie. She loves to play!
      Tug of War is her favorite game:)
   Bailey is the total cuddle bug. I took more naps during this time than I have in a very long time. I would stretch out on the couch and they would both jump up on the couch with me. Bailey would actually sleep on my side or above me on the back of the couch.
 I will probably cry like an idiot tomorrow when I give them back to Tammy and Xander. I see intense negotiations on my part when I talk to them about possibly shareing custody of them. I will lure them in with the possibilty of traveling far and wide and knowing that it's possible since they know of a family who loves their dogs. I've had fun. There have been lots of laughs,play time,walks and cuddles. I've forgotten the joys of owning dogs and I hope it won't be to long before my time comes :)