Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The fear of being erased..

I visit a gravesight almost every week now. I have noticed that in the one years time of visiting there how quickly it has filled up. Death is a part of life I know..but to see it happen weekly is still a sad thing. They all have a story and sometimes I want to know it. There is a grave with nothing more than a wooden sign that has only the woman's first name and date of death. She died during WW2 and I'm wondering if the person who buried her either didn't want her details known or didn't know her that well.

I spotted the above headstone awhile ago. I quickly asked my husband about it because I found it to be in very poor taste to just leave it to the side. He told me that after a long time they take out the old graves to make room for the new ones. I guess a certain amount of time needs to pass and usually it's because someone has stopped paying for the space. You buy or rent the space for 20 years a time and someone needs to keep paying for it. I got really upset because these two people are about to erased. The only ones who know them are family and friends who could also be gone. I snapped a photo wich is not something I usually do. I have personal feelings about taking photos of headstones but I really wanted to know who these people were.

They were a married couple. He was 15 years older than she was. She died 5 months after WW2 ended and he died 5 years after that. She was in her 50's so they may have had kids. I wonder why noone was able to pay for the space anymore. I noticed a chunk of the WW2 graves and ones dateing way before that are disappearing..just gone,as if they never were. I guess thats going to happen to me someday. I worry to much about things I can not control..but when you visit a grave every week and see all the new ones and the older ones being taken away,it really hits you. The whole process of it all and my big fear of being forgotten..erased.

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