Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dirty Rice..My Way

Dirty rice in my house means leftovers!! I usually keep bits and pieces of various foods throughout the week and then if I have nothing else to use them on, I make dirty rice. It's a great economical recipe to have around and I'm all about stretching the almighty euro these days. It's not a hard recipe to make and you can use whatever you have on hand. This time around I used bean sprouts,mushrooms,onions,and a green pepper. I sometimes use soy sauce instead of the spices,or sweet chili sauce..get creative!

Dirty Rice..feeds 4 with leftovers
1 lb. Ground Beef or bulk Pork Sausage
1 cup diced Onion
1 diced Green Pepper
1/2-1 cup Diced Celery
1/2-1 cup Sliced fresh Mushrooms
Bean Sprouts
1-4 TBS Cajun Seasonings
4 cups or Cold

Cook the beef in a large skillet until browned. Add in vegetables and cook until tender. Sprinkles in your cajun seasoning. 
 This spice packs a serious punch. I was able to use 2 tablespoons but probably should of used 1. My youngest drank a gallon of water while eating this and I was pretty thirsty aswell! if you like heat,then add the full 4 tablespoons. I would really taste it though before adding in more. Dump in your rice.
  Gently mix it in. I used cold rice so I had to break it down while mixing it in. Continue to cook until everything is heated through if using cold rice. Serve with big glasses of ice water! If you want your dirty rice to be a little more moist than dry, add in some beef stock. I've done that several times aswell.