Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tagged By Tammy

Tammy,one of my all time favorite bloggers over at Canadutch has tagged me. She had to answer 5 questions and post 5 of her own. I was picked as one of the peeps to answer her questions. So here are my answers and my 5 questions for the people I picked.

1. Do you believe in ghosts? why/why not: To be totally honest, my answer is still out on that one. I've never seen one but I know of other's who have. So for myself, I do not believe in Ghosts..unless they are Casper then by all means,pay me a visit:)

2.If you are totally honest,do you consider yourself to be a gossip? if so,have you ever gotten into trouble? Everyone has been a gossip at some point..LOL However that was more done in say, middle and highschool than now. If a friend tells me something I know how to keep a secret. I love hearing gossip though..does that make me a bad person? LOL I'm sure I have gotten into trouble over it..espically growing up.

3.Is there anyone that you've lost touch with from your past that you Google or Facebook to find out about them? There is just one person. Her name is Linda and I've known her since I was 7. I've been searching years and years for her and can not find her. I miss her so much.

4.What is your biggest passion in life besides the kiddos. Photography and my love for animals. I wanted more than anything to become a wildlife photographer and spend my time studying the Gorillas and Orangutans and then heading off for an African Safari. I still hope for that.

5.What is the scariest/craziest/funniest/weirdest thing you have ever witnessed?(any of the above) Ok,ok,this one makes me laugh. One time we were driving down the highway back home and I glance over to the other side of the highway and on the side of a road is a woman fully bent over with her pants down,cheeks spread,(stay with me now),peeing. She didn't even bother to go behind a bush or squat down. She just bent over like she was bowing and then was fully peeing. There was a huge pause in the car as we looked at eachother and then laughed so hard we had to pull over. She must of been drunk because who goes to the bathroom like that on the side of the road next to all the cars?? Alot of my funniest..well more like horrible moments happend while having braces. I was laughing one time and giant green bug flew into my mouth and got caught in my braces. I was so horrified  I swallowed the stupid thing before my friends could see what happend. One time someone was pointing at something and I walked into their arm on accident. Well their shirt got caught on my braces and it took several people to help cut it away. That sucked reeeaaalll bad.

So there you have it! a wacky look into my life. Here are the 3 people I am tagging and my questions for them: Lizzy,May,and Ria, these are for you!
1.Name one thing you have always wanted to try/do
2.If you were allowed one last meal,what would it be?
3. Name a movie or a book that changed the way you viewed life. What was the name of it and how did it change you?
4.If you had to choose between being blind or deaf,wich one would you pick and why?
5.If you could meet one famous person,who would you pick?