Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday's In My City..

Hello and welcome to another sunday's in my city,hosted by Unknown Mami. Head on over there and check out what she is up to along with everything else who has joined in. Today I am coming to from "A VERY sunny and warm Holland". I've had a beautiful sunny and busy week,so let's get started! My neighbors and I got together to decorate our houses with flags to support our Dutch soccer team thats heading to South Africa.
  I got a new zoom/macro lense this week and took it out to the country side.
    Everyone was out and working on their land.
      Everything was so vibrant.
 While taking a photo of this horse, I heard a peeping noise.
     It was a bird called a Kievit and she was calling her baby.
                                                                                                  This little guy was just as curious about us as we were about him. The poor mom went into overload trying to get him to come back.                       
    Hot air ballooning was a constant sight in my backyard.
   I went to a town called Deventer for the first time.
  Spotted a beautiful windmill to take a photo of..
 I also used my macro setting on this ladybug. I have been trying so long to get one because of what they are called here..ready? their name here is: Lieveheersbeestje..I'll wait why you try to sound that one out...:) It translates to something like: Sweet Lord's Little Animal. It's more like little beast but we don't call a lady bug a beast so I went with little animal. Speaking of little beasts...
This caterpillar was also taken on the macro setting. He was so teenie weenie(Click on the photo to make him larger,aswell as all of my other photos). He is on the side of a stone and that green leaf is a teenie weenie weed growing up from the ground. I love my macro lense. Sorry for all the photo's but it was a fun filled week and I had to share! See you next sunday!
Unknown Mami