Friday, June 18, 2010

My First Giveaway!!!!!

I finally hit 100 followers..well 101 now. I can't tell you how excited that made me. I've been watching and waiting as the numbers went up and up. It means so much to me to know that atleast 101 people out there think Im interesting enough to want to follow:) So I thank you!

So here is what I'm going to do. I'm going to fill up a box with not just Dutch items,but also German. I live so close to there that it would be a shame not to include something. I know what it's like living far from Europe and never knowing if you are actually going to beable to see it. So the next best thing is to get a box filled with yummy things to eat and look at. So what are the rules? everyone always has here are mine!

1. You must Twitter about me to everyone you know and tell them how wonderful I am. I will need the link of course to witness this for myself.
2. You need to post about me on your blog,link back to me,have 5 friends also blog about me and have them link up to me.
3. You need to bake atleast one of my items,blog about how much you loved it and leave the link in the comments section.
4. If you just bought a new pet, I would also require that you name this lovely creature after my blog..I will want to have this proven of course by you taping yourself calling the dog by Home Cooking with Sonya.
5. Last but not least..if you live outside of  Europe,please don't bother entering.

Easy Peasy? have fun and can't wait to get all the wonderful comments filled with links!!!! whoo hoo

JUST KIDDING!!! lol I'm sorry, I just had to do that. It drives me totally bat sh** crazy when I see all these different things you need to do in order to sign up for a giveaway. So here's the real deal.
1. I don't care where you live..seriously, I will mail anywhere.
2. My only requirment is that you be one of 101 followers of mine. No need to Tweet or blog about me because it's all about Followers. I will have a giveaway later on where anyone can join..but for now, this is my way of saying..Thank you. If you come on here and leave me comments all the time but don't follow me..go ahead and sign up. I like you too and I know enough of you to know who follows me,who doesn't but still leaves me comments. So leave me a comment letting me know you wanna enter!!!!!

Sign ups are until next week. I will mail the box off at the end of the month. If you have an allergy let me know. I will seriously do my best to not buy that said item..but it's hard to get something that doesnt say it wasn't made in the same air space as peanuts. I promise to send both items you can bake with aswell as eat right away. I hope you are ready to take a taste through The Netherlands and Germany!!!


MACsWIFERia said...

hey sonya.. i wanted to thankyou for being a great friend and for helping me to remain positive about things. I know that you understand how up and down i have been recently.. but i do appreciate you and our friendship.
the give away sounds great....nice of you to offer such items to one lucky winner aswell.
well see you in the blogs/fb/and through letters :)

Aleina said...

Hi Sonya, I would love to enter your very first giveaway!!!!!
Truly enjoying your blog,

Rebecca said...

Ohhh wow. A contest!

Lost in Translation said...

Dang, I just got done baking, tweeting, and blogging.... :P I hate twitter, with a passion.

I think this is great and it reminds me that I need to get your your cookbook, I would loose my mind were it not embedded. I will make a note to myself to do it when I get back home.

You can enter me, I think the idea is great and I never had anything dutch. I am curious what German products you plan to include. After you choose a winner will you post the contents of the prize pack before you send it.

P.S. I think you should include the baztaerd zucker, just cause the name alone screams awesome :P

May said...

Wow Sonya!! You got me there!! I seriously thought you have gone bonkers!!!:-) Congratulations on 101 followers and I also wanted to thank you for being the first STRANGER to follow my blog. I now feel that I have known you for many years. You have been an inspiration for me to survive as an expat and I will continue to look upto you for more!!! Keep up the good work and I will definitely try one of your recipes & blog about you :-))( even though it's not a rule!!)

Life with Kaishon said...

I laughed SO hard about the rules. I read the first one and I was like...well, at least she is very excited about the contest and wants us to tell all our twitter friends (by the way, I have NO idea how to use my twitter...) and then when I read the one about getting five of our friends to sign up and blog about the contest I laughed out loud : )

Coleen's Recipes said...

hahahahaha, you REALLY got me with your fake list; I bought it hook, line & sinker!! I'd love to enter your contest. I don't ALWAYS comment, but I read your blog every time you post. 101 blog followers (I like to call them admirers) way to go!! Congratulations.

Joy said...

You got me! That was hilarious! Pick me! Pick me! I'll call one of my chickens Sonya...

Ocean Girl said...

We were a little skeptical but I think you got us Sonya.

Congratulations Sonya. I had been to that corner where Holland, Germany and Belgium gather! :) I think it was Belgium and not Luxembourg. Not saying you must add anything from Belgium too :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend Sonya.

Frau said...

Sonya you are a funny girl....I was like I can do that already made tons of your recipes...I can tweet...I hope it's filled with Dutch chocolate and Sonya homemade yummies! Good to get garden in shape!err!

Cathy said...

Sonya, congratulations on reaching over 100 followers. Most times when I visit your blog I get really hungry! You also take great photos.

May said...

I forgot to mention that I would love to enter the giveaway contest!! Count me in!! It will definitely be exciting to get a bagful of Dutch goodies!!!!

Lee Ann said...

Sonja - I was just LMAO so much my hubby came through to see what I was laughing at. I knew what was happening as soon as I started reading your list! ( we have had this discussion before, no?? lol) Although I wasn't expecting the pet one! That tipped me over the edge and made tears stream down my face :-).
You are awesome, please may I enter your wonderful and real giveaway xxx

Lizzy said...

Haha, I totally fell for it at first! I was like, Oh God...not one of those give aways with all the requirements! I hate them too! You blog is amazing Sonya! Congrats on all your is well deserved!

American Cloggie said...

Congrats! And I see now you're up to 102!! Great idea to do a celebratory giveaway. I'd love to enter :) Great work with the blog!!

Lisa said...

I so want to have a chance to get your magic box in the mail! :D

I love reading your blog and I am glad I found you.

Good luck with your first giveaway!

Candee said...

Oh a contest and I can win Dutch stuff? I LOVE Dutch stuff!!! Sign me up!!!! LOL But IF I win..... you have to hand deliver it!!

Congrats on having 100 followers!!!

Traci said...

I have loved your blog for so long and I am so proud to be amongst the 101! Congrats on breaking the century mark. I would love to participate in your giveaway and I got a very good laugh from the "requirements"!

Marla said...

Congrats on 102 followers!!! Loved the "must do" list. Classic funny!!