Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I finally found it...

For 3 years I have been looking for these..3 whole years. I would hear from other expats living here that they could find them in their store or the local asian markets..I never could. I found a big one once..came home,opened it up..and it was white..and horrible. I think it was a Yam. Looking back I should of cooked it up and I plan to go back to the store and try. I wanted orange though..so I waited.
While shopping at my favorite store called C1000,my husband stops me. He says look..it's a sweet potato. It even has a label on it(Zoete Aardappel = Sweet Earthapple..potatoes are called Earthapples over here:). I looked..my eyes got big and I snapped it up. I was still a bit worried since they could of gotten it wrong. When I came home I opened it up.
  I snapped a photo of them and then sliced it open....
Aahhh..it was orange..and it was beautiful. I'm pretty sure I skipped around the room a few times..and then I got greedy. There was no way I was going to share these. They were small..just enough for me..noone would love them like I did. I decided to just mash them up with some butter and brown sugar to eat along with my dinner...and then my youngest gave me puppy dog eyes because he too remembers loving them..and then my husband said..well I might like them too. He was a bit taken back with the color of it and how much it reminded him of baby food and what the baby pushed out after eating it..but he was in too.

So I shared...It was soooooo good. I love love LOVE sweet potato's. Im going to hunt online to see if I can grow them myself with using a regular sweet potato. They don't sell those here on a regular basis and Im wondering if I can grow them myself? So my Communal Global friends who are stopping by from Tuesday's Around the World..What does your "Today" look like? I would love it if my regular blogger friends would share a bit of their today aswell(Everyone can join in on the Tuesday's Around the World)..pleassseee!! Link up and let us know!