Friday, June 4, 2010


The World Championship Soccer games start next week in South Africa. The Dutch team is of course going. I have noticed that nothing can bring out the dutch enthusiasm like their pride for our soccer team. Two days ago I got a quiet knock on the door. I took my son with me incase I couldn't figure out what they were asking me in dutch. The woman said she lived 4 doors down and all the neighbors were getting together to decorate our yards to support the team. I needed to chip in 2 euros and they would come over and hang up the flags all over.
  I said of course we would love to join in. There are certain times when it's really important to join in,even if you wouldn't normally do it yourself. This was one of those times. They all watched me for my reaction and when I said yes of course,their eyes brightened up and it was the first time they gave me a huge smile. I quickly went out and mowed the lawn and got ready.
I have to say that this was the first time all my neighbors came out to help one another. There was plenty of smiles,hellos,laughter,and pats on the back. I loved it. It felt like for the first time in 3 years we were all neighbors. I always had that feeling back home, but never here. 
  I spoke what dutch I could and they spoke what english they knew. I had to laugh because I knew typical dutch phrases and they knew the typical english phrases.
  It took them hours to finish. Last night they came again at around 10pm to tie orange balloons everywhere. Orange is the Dutch teams color and is derived from the last name of Dutch Royalty. The lion represents the logo on the Dutch coat of arms.
                                                                                                                 It was a great day. We will be cheering on the Dutch team. Hup Holland Hup!! wich means Go Holland Go!