Thursday, June 10, 2010

Box of Goodies!

I always keep a running list of items for my Dad and step Mom. It's so so sooo nice to get a few boxes throughout the year of items I can not get here. I know it doesn't seem very exciting since most of you can just head to the store and buy this yourself. However for someone like me who lives far far from home..well it's heaven in a box:) I was so excited when I opened this box on Tuesday.
   There was a bag of mini marshmallows,2 boxes of peppermint extract and a frog ornament(I have a thing for frogs). I want to use some of those marshmallows in a homemade rocky road ice cream. I can find marshmallows here but not minis and alot of the time,they taste odd to me..not like the ones from home.
   Oh Shake n Bake, how I love thee. Ok so I know in general shake n bake could be considered semi ghetto..but I love it..espically the BBQ flavor. I also got two bottles of liquid smoke wich allows me to make my own bbq sauce, and I like to add in into my hamburger meat. It tastes like you grilled it outside..nice treat during the winter:)
  I got tons and tons of different marinades. I am soo happy about that. They do not grill/bbq like I am used to and because of that it makes finding really good marinades a hard thing to find. Yes I realise I could make my own..but seriously sometimes I just want to open up the packet and be done with it already. I also got yeast packets. The yeast over here is not rapid rise and although I have finally cracked the problems I've been having with it, I love the ease of rapid rise yeast. It's so nice to get ranch packets. Speaking of ranch packets! Frau was ever so kind to ask her husband to pick me up some while he was on a quick trip to the U.S. She is heading back home so she sent me her stash of  cold pills..seriously I NEVER thought there would come a day that I would be over the moon with having cold pills. I'm funny like that I guess.
 Double acting baking powder is always a dream to see..and spices..oh how happy I was to see all of these! McCormick needs to tap the marker over here because the spice sections here need some serious help and don't get me started on the lack of decent side dishes. I will have to hit the kitchen again and come up with some new mixes. I sure miss Rice a Roni:) I am already dreaming up new things to make in the kitchen with my supplies. Thanks Dad and Carole :)