Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sundays In My City....

It's another round of Sunday's In My City..wich is always hosted by the wonderful Unknown Mami. Please head over and check out what she is up to aswell as everyone else:) If you are new here..I'm an American expat living in The Netherlands. I wanted so badly to show you bright and sunny photos..but it's grey here..maybe next week. I went on a quick drive with my husband. The picture above is a country road. The roads will forever scare me here. The lanes always look like one to me but they are you need to share them with everyone traveling along them.
  Here is another road pic. As you can see there isn't alot of room.
This is a typical scene you see here..Dutch parents holding on to their childs shoulder as they teach them how to bike...they start out very young here. As soon as they can walk they are on a bike! As they get older the parents take them out and teach them the biking rules when riding out in the very busy dutch world.
  They have some serious ugly places here. This always reminds me of a hotel but these are apartments.
                                                                                                            Here is another set of apartments. I'm so glad we don't live in one of those..espically with kids. You have no outside space of your own.
  A pretty lane I would love to live on.
Here we have one of my oldest sons favorite places to fish. To the left of it is the pretty lane above. Thanks for stopping by! I'm off to take care of the oldest son who has a stomach bug that doesn't want to go away. See you next sunday!  
Unknown Mami