Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sundays In My City....

Welcome to Sunday's In My City. My name is Sonya and I'm an American living in The Netherlands. Thanks to Unknown Mami, I am able to link up with her and everyone else to show you a bit of my life. Today I am taking you to Kampen,NL. Kampen is a Medieval town. My husband lived there for several years and we took a quick drive through there on our way home from Orchideeen Hoeve.
   The skies were dark that day wich made the town look even more medievel like.
   The bridge is so amazing looking and all the wheels on the bridge are gold plated..wich caused alot of stir because they felt like that was a little over the top.
  This is the street my husband lived on. It's very narrow as you can see and walking around is a much better option.
    A very large beautiful church we passed by.
 This is one of the original gates of the old city wall.
                                                                                                               Wanna live in a houseboat? I hope to head back to Kampen to take more photos. There is much to see there and hopefully this summer I can go back! Thanks for stopping by and see you next sunday!
Unknown Mami