Friday, May 21, 2010

It's Friday!!!

I'm so happy for friday's now. Since my husband took another promotion at work, he works a regular work week now and has the weekends off. It's also a 3 day weekend and we plan on having a BBQ on sunday:) I was contacted several days ago by HGTV's House Hunters International. They wanted to know if I owned my own house and would be interested in interviewing me for the show. I was sorry to say that I did not own my own place here. It would of been alot of fun, since they would of flown me back to the U.S. to do a backstory before coming back here to film.
The sun is fully out now and my plants are growing. These little green gems will turn into flowers..but I have no clue as to what kind. I dumped a packet of seeds in there not really expecting them to grow so I never paid attention as to what kinds of seeds there were!
When I see my neighbors laundry hanging out to dry,I know summer is almost here!
My Butterfly tree is sprouting up. You are supposed to cut it back around April and every year I think it won't grow tall enough in time. However it always does and soon enough it will be taller than my husband, who is 6'4," and it will be bursting with beautiful purple blossoms.
My Hydrangea plant is coming along nicely aswell. I can't wait to see it bloom!
I love how even on the ground, you can find beautiful life growing happily. Happy Friday Everyone!