Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday's In My City...

YAY it's another round of Sunday's In My City..hosted by the wonderful Unknown Mami. Head on over there and check out her sunday aswell as everyone else's. I'm bringing you the last installment of my trip to Orchideeen Hoeve. You can find the other two posts, Here and Here. The day was beautiful. The sky was so big I felt like I could touch the clouds!
  I've never seen such large clouds before. When I couldn't shut up about them, my husband kindly pulled over and allowed me to snap away:)
     The freeways even look different in other countries.
           I really miss american cars..seriously..the smaller the car you can get here, the better off you are due to the high price in gas and how hard you are taxed for having one.
                Now for the lovely orchids and other flowers we saw while visiting Orchideeen Hoeve.
    On our way home, we stopped at Mickey D's.
 I should warn you, that if you ever come to The Netherlands, the drinks are NOT the same. The ice is always missing..and if you ask for alot of ice, they give you maybe 7 cubes. Everyone has their drinks without ice here..wich is just the cruelest thing possible when you love ice in your drinks as much as I do. Have a wonderful week! Today we are having the first BBQ of the season. I can't tell you how happy that makes me!!         Unknown Mami