Friday, April 2, 2010

Faux Red Lobster Drop Biscuits!!!!

Oh my need to make these biscuits! I can not stress enough just how much you need to make these biscuits...espically if you are living far far from home in another country that doesn't understand your need for a great faux red lobster biscuit. For all my lovely expat bloggers this is as close as you are going to come to the real deal without having to use Bisquick. Thats Bisquick required.
  I found this recipe at The Cooking Photographer and bookmarked it right away. All the recipes out there to make these biscuits use bisquick. As everyone knows,well most everyone who follows this blog knows, I can not get that here and in order to make it, I would need to spend a very large sum of money on buying the shortening to make it. It's not in the cards. So I was so happy to find this.

I made it lastnight and it was fantastic. I've actually forgotten alot of what the Red Lobster Biscuit tasted like but when I took a bite it brought all the lovely memories back. My husband would not stop talking about how good they were and to please only make these from now on..being the good wife that I am, I told him that wouldn't be a problem:)
I made only a few changes to the recipe. She had another way of placing the dough onto the cookie sheet. I went ahead and plopped it down on a parchment lined sheet and was good to go. If you want the full instructions then by all means head over there:) Thanks to The Cooking Photograhper for making this expat girl very very happy.

Faux Red Lobster Biscuits..9 Biscuits
2 cups Flour
1 TBL Baking Powder
1 tsp. Salt
1/2 tsp. Onion Powder
1/2 tsp. Garlic Powder
2 tsp. Dried Parsley
3/4 cup Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese..I used regular
2/3 cup Milk
1/3 cup Oil

Brushing on Top
2 TBL Butter; Melted
1/4 tsp. Dried Parsley Flakes
1/2 tsp. Garlic Powder(1/4 if you want a less garlicky flavor. I did that and it was perfect)
Pinch of Salt

Place oven rack in the middle position and then pre heat oven to 475 or 240 celcius. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and set aside. Combine all dry ingredients in a bowl. Using a fork mix just until the dough is mixed and leaves the sides of the bowl. Drop dough in 9 mounds onto cookie sheet 2 inches apart. Bake 11-12 minutes or until light golden brown...Make sure to keep an eye on them. You do not want them to burn!

Combine topping ingredients and when biscuits are done immediately brush on to hot biscuits. Serve warm!