Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easy Easter Bunny Cakes

Check out these Easter Bunnies! Are they a pair of lookers or what! My two sons decorated these..without any help from Mom. Well..I helped here and there but I take no credit in this:) This isn't so much of a recipe as just a way to possibly decorate a bunny cake. 

Over at the Betty Crocker website they have a whole section of videos on how to cut,frost and decorate all sorts of cakes. Alot of it is kid oriented but Im so going to make their butterfly cake next. I spotted the bunny video and when I saw how easy it was I knew I would beable to let the boys have fun with it. Basically you are going to bake two 8 inch or 9 inch round cakes. I made two 8 inch and only put in under 2 cups of batter in each one. I did this because this was their cake to decorate and eat themselves and a larger round would of been to much. So into total we got two 8 inch rounds and about 12 mini cupcakes. You can make this easy by purchasing cake mix and frosting. For those of us who can't, just use your favortie cake and frosting recipe. When the cakes and cooled you want to split each one in half.
The bottom of the cake tends to be more flat so I used that as the inside of the cake. Spread frosting on one side.
 Place the other piece on top and stand it up. Repeat with other round.
You can also smear some frosting on the very bottom to stop the cake from moving around. After this frost the whole cake with your frosting.
After that take your decorations and create the face,whiskers,tail, and for the ears, cut out tear drop shapes from construction paper.
We used chicklets for the big ol' toofers,M&M's for the eyes and nose,sour rolls ups for the whiskers..although my youngest says those aren't's a handlebar mustache. I guess he is right. I should of used a more sturdy candy like licorice.
   My oldest son wanted a red crazy looking bunny that was in desperate need of a rabies shot. I think he succeeded. It's alot of fun to watch your kids be creative without any input from you. I tend to want to help and then take over sometimes and I need to watch that. I hope everyone has a Happy Easter tomorrow!