Thursday, April 1, 2010

Communal Global Contest

Communal Global is fabulous blog of women from all over the world who post their lives in photos wich usually come along with a theme. I've been a follower since they started and I was so excited when they started this contest. The theme is "Todays from all over the world". They want you to take a photo of your today..whatever that may be, and link up with them on your site. So I did..

Here is my "Todays" photo..bright beautiful tulips..can't get anymore Dutch than that:) My "Todays" are always brighter when I head to the store and see tulips in color combinations that I never knew existed. I impatiently wait for them to appear in the stores..then and only then do you know Spring is here!

If you have a photo you would like to enter,please head over to Communal Global and sign up. The contest ends monday and there will be a top 10 of the photos. If you are a lucky one the polls will then open up and we all get to vote on our favorite one. Thanks ladies for hosting such a wonderful contest!