Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday's In My City..

It's sunday again and you know what that means! yes it's time for me to show a bit of my life in The Netherlands. Thanks to Unknown Mami I am able to link up with her and all the other lovely people who want to show off their city! This week's theme is "The Canal". I go there alot with my husband. He loves to fish there and I love to take photos. We had a nice stretch of sunny weather last week so we wasted no time in getting out. It's alot prettier once everything come into bloom.
While driving in, we were stopped by the local geese who were looking for bread. Sadly I did not have any and the white one went ahead and crouched down and hissed at me while I took a photo!
Here is one side of the canal and as you can see nothing is really in bloom yet..but it's getting closer!
  This big guy went on by as I was snapping photos.
 When looking across you see different buildings. There is a movie theatre,a bowling alley,indoor play area for kids, and a bunch of other small places.
                                                                                                                Even the rowers were out! We had a bunch come back and forth. They were from the college here in town.
 This building is fairly new. During the winter you can go in there and ice skate and then in summer it's a regular skating rink.
 This is our stadium! We live about 10 minutes from here but whenever there is a soccer game there you can hear the cheers all the way at our place. 
   Here is another look of the canal. We drive that way when we leave.
   Lastly here is a pretty reflection picture of that purple/pink building I showed you at the top! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. See you next sunday!         Unknown Mami