Saturday, March 6, 2010

Part 2 of FAQ

  I thought I would go ahead and do a part 2 of answering some questions before I moved on to Sunday's In My City tomorrow..Plus I have some poppy seed recipes coming up aswell. Part 1 can be found Here.

Q:How did my husband and I meet and why did he come to the U.S.?
A: Believe it or not we met while writing letters to eachother! Not online but actual pen to paper. We quickly became best friends while writing letters and I never EVER thought anything more would come of it..funny how life works sometimes. As to why he came to the U.S? It was easier at the time for him to come to us. So he gave up and left behind his entire life here to start a new one with me in Oregon.

Q. Have I ever had any difficulties with work visa's and getting a job here? Im very lucky in the fact that I do not need to work. Although we are living on one income in a two income country, we are doing great. It has taken a very long time to adjust here and with other factors in the mix Im happy to say I do not need to work.. However if I wanted to the whole work visa thing is really easy. When you come you need to apply for residency and it takes awhile for your application to go through. During that time you can not work but as soon as you get your card(it's like a green card) you can work,get insurance and all that other good stuff.

Q: How do I get along in the markets? Im assuming that means the grocery store?lol We have fresh markets and then groceries stores. When I first came here it was a shock to go to the store. I have never been rammed in the back of my feet so much in my life. People are pushing you to go faster. They do not say excuse me or anything. I've been pushed several times. You can be looking at a product and turn around to have a dutch person right in your face, waiting to get another product..instead of saying excuse me, they sit there and wait and get annoyed with you. The aisles are smaller,the selection is a thousand times smaller and it's one of my least favorite places to go. The farmers markets are nice because you can get alot of fresh fruits,vegetables,cheeses,flowers, and everything else you can think of.

Q. Do I miss Fast food? Nope! here is why:
 We have McDonalds! lol they are seriously everywhere in the world. I also have Burger King, a Kentucky Fried chicken somewhere,Dominoe's Pizza,Subway,and Im told in the major cities like Rotterdam there is a Pizza Hut. As you can see from above they have a special Dutch Deluxe burger wich just looks like a Big N Tasty to It's really expensive to eat out here. The same meal that cost us 15 american dollars back home now costs us close to 30. I used to get sick from eating fast food back home but I havent gotten sick once here. I WISH they would get a Taco Bell here! At the Kentucky Fried chicken place you can not get the yummie gravy that they sell in the U.S. Sometimes things are changed and added to appeal to that country. We get buy things at McDonalds that they don't sell back home.

Q. Why did you start a food blog?
A:When I first moved here and started reading blogs from others who moved here(we're called Expats..that means Expatriate) I noticed that although they talked about life here they never mentioned cooking. I would ask them about where to get this and that and they would either say I don't know or they would give me great advice. It's nice to read about others and their struggles when moving here but at some point I needed to get off the "Expat Train." No matter where you live and what you go through, you still need to get dinner on the table. There was alot more to me than trying to find my way around this country and for awhile I lost myself in that. I was still a wife and mother who needed to make dinner each night. When you leave everything you know the one thing we all want is foods that remind us of home. So almost a year ago I dusted myself off and got to work. I've always loved to cook and bake and I wanted to make it a goal to still make our favorites here. As time went on, I got more and more e-mails from other people who just arrived here and wanted to know where to find the basics and how I was able to make a certain meal from home. So this was my way of reaching out to others who lived abroad aswell as everyone else. I love food bloggers. I can send an e-mail,ask a ton of questions and then head into the kitchen. In return I am able to show others that even if you live far from home you can still make what you love.

Q: Biggest obsticle when using American Ingredients?
A: Everything is an obsticle for Until you see other countries and their stores, you really have no clue how different everything is. It was only recently that I found out they do not use the same kind of Baking Powder as we do. They use single acting and the U.S. uses double..thats why all my food was coming out flat. They also do not bake with baking soda here. I asked everyone where to buy it and they always told me to go to the pharmacy and buy it there. It turned out they were trying to get me to buy the stuff you soak your feet in!! you can't eat that. So thanks to other expats I was able to find a Toko and buy those items there. There are things that are just made in the shortening. I can't get that here. I can not buy cream of anything,no Bisquick, no pillsbury, the list goes on and on really. So alot of the time I spend hours online finding out what I could use in place of something. For cream of mushroom soup I buy a dry mix that makes the soup. I only use half the milk called for and then I have the same thing as condensed cream of mushroom soup. I've learned to make food from scratch and not rely on dumping cream of something in there. Im also very grateful for family and friends back home who send me items. I also swap small boxes with other people to get the things I need. It's a win win:) Plus I travel to Germany alot to get the baked items I need..Germans bake way more than  the Dutch do.

Q: Where did I get my love for cooking and baking from?
A: Both my parents can cook and bake. I used to tell my mom that she could make something out of nothing. She was always baking breads and cookies and even though she worked full time we always had a hot meal every night. Since having kids and then moving over here I have really started learning new ways of cooking and baking things. I have all the time in the world to learn how to make our favorites over here. I e-mail my Dad all the time and ask him how to make this or that and he always has a bunch of options for me to try. 

Wow I am sooo not used to talking about myself. I almost feel guilty about Anyway thanks again for taking the time to ask me some questions. As time goes on I will do this again and again. There are so many different things to touch on.