Friday, March 26, 2010

My patience has finally paid off...

Wow it's friday already! I've managed to post only one recipe this week. Thats largely due to our weather. We had 3 sun filled days and I didn't want to waste them! I spent alot of time outside raking up old leaves from last year and helping my husband trim the hedges and dead braches off of one of our trees. I spent a ton of time in the back yard sweeping and pruning and getting rid of broken planters that didn't make it through our extremely cold winter. I opened up all the windows in the house and let the beautiful 65 degree weather come pouring in. I spent some time taking photos while my husband fished and managed to watch a few movies. So all in all it was a week well spent:)

Has anyone seen Julie and Julia? I'm sure alot of you have. I must confess that I only liked it a little. I LOVED the parts with Julia and although I love both the actresses I didn't like the Julie character so much. I found myself wanting to go back to Julia alot more and both my husband and I kept saying..She got a book deal and a movie out of this? I don't know. I guess I was hoping for more details in her blog about the items she cooked and what she liked about them..not just day 41 and I made this. I wanted to see photos and hear more about it. When I hear of The Pioneer Woman having a book and possibly having a movie made of her life, I think..yes of course! or Bakerella who has a book coming out..yep figured that one out too..but not so much with Julie. Thats my take anyway and it doesn't really matter because she is the one laughing all the way to the bank! 

I watched New Moon this morning. I fully admit that although it took me forever to read the books(just last year) I fell in love with them and was excited to hear they were making a movie out of them. I was excited up until the point I watched Twilight. I was so ticked off I couldn't stand still. They left all the best parts out and added in scenes that didn't need to be there. I can not stand their choice for Bella and New Moon seals the deal for me. The dialogue between Bella and Jacob just does not flow. Kristen always looks constipated to me and never brings the essence of the character out. I suppose these are going to be like most of Stephen Kings books. The books are awesome to read but rarely come across that good in a movie.

So on to the title of this post. My patience has paid off. One of the first things you come in contact with is the less than stellar customer service they have here. Think of the worst cashier or store clerk you have come in contact with..double that by a thousand and you have dutch customer service. If they don't feel like helping you,speaking to you,smiling to you..they won' all. There is no fear of having to please the customer here because you are very aware of the fact that they just don't give a rip. If you want the item you buy it regardless of how they treat you. I've been going to this same store for almost 3 years...I go in atleast twice a week. For this entire time the cashier woman wouldn't smile or look at me. After awhile she would get out a hello but that was about it. Every single time I had her I smiled big and said Hi in a cheerful voice. This went on twice a week for almost 3 years. Well Im happy to say that I have finally cracked that shell of hers.

I went in last week as usual and purchased some flowers. As she was ringing up our groceries I told her in english that I had flowers..and then smiled. She looked at me smiled huge and said ok. Then as we left she looked at me,smiled again and said goodbye. I went in this week twice and as soon as she saw me come in her line she smiled really big when I got up to her and said Hello to my husband the dutch way and then greeted me in english with another smile. My husband was even shocked and did a double Over here I hear from dutch people alot that they don't trust americans because we are to friendly. Well I'm happy to say that somewhere along the way the smiling and being friendly paid off. Now it's like she can't wait to show me that she can smile and be friendly too. Now I need to work on the other one..she's worse!