Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Groceries and Television

I thought I would show you a little of what my life looks like here..the more normal and not the photos I seek out to post every sunday. I went grocery shopping for a few things and thought to post what I got!
1. brainer. What is different is the taste. When my husband moved to the U.S. the first thing he said to me was that the bread was salty,sweet and had a strange texture to it. When I came here I finally understood. My tastebuds went into overload. The bread had no salt wich I noticed right away. It was good though. The bread here is really big. It will not fit into a ziplock sandwich bag from back home. Bread sold here is fresh,they do not re stock the shelves through out the day and it has a shorter shelf life because they don't add in all the preservatives.

2. Eggs..I can only buy them in 10..not 12 like I'm used to. The shells are really thin and alot of them looked like they were freshly picked. They still have feathers stuck on aswell as other lovely brown smears. The eggs taste wonderful here.

3.Juice..thats how I buy my juice..I can not buy frozen juice concentrate here. It all comes in this weird boxed shape with a pop top lid that ticks me off. If you don't pull the tab out correctly it stayes on and then you need to poke through to the holes. If you drop it, it will explode sometimes or the top becomes to dented to use.

4.Milk..This size is 1/2 liters..I believe you can get 1 liter form or smaller..never bigger(There is no gallon sized anything here). I have to store my milk on the side of the door because it can not stand up straight in my fridge. When I first moved here I had one of those beer fridges..thats actually the norm here. For almost one year we had to lay everything down..a can of pop couldnt even stand up straight. We finally bought a much larger one but it's still not big enough to allow milk to stand up straight.

5. Easter Cookies! boy do the dutch love their cookies. You must always have cookies when someone comes to visit. You give them coffee or tea and cookies. Then after that you supply them with juice or water..NEVER with ice cubes. They do not like ice cubes. Infact most of them keep their juice out of the fridge so it isn't cold.

6. I bought this seasoned chicken for dinner tonight. It had different boneless pieces of chicken(breasts,thighs) that was molded together and then wrapped in a net. It's then covered in spices and you roast it. Here is a close up of it.
 One hour in the oven and you have a great chicken dinner.

7. Bacon or Spek as it is called here. This package has tiny sliced up pieces of fat bacon and it's great to use in soups,eggs,watever you want really.

8.Cheese! look how big our cheese's way bigger than cheddar slices. Cheese here is amazing and you haven't eaten cheese until you've eaten dutch cheese. Edwin never had cheddar until he was in the U.S. I miss cheddar when it comes to melting it in certain foods but overall the cheese here is far superior in taste..and there are soooooo many different kinds to try. We buy the Young or Jonge as they call it. It has a milder taste and is great for sandwiches.

9.Chocolate easter eggs..easter is everywhere
On to tv! I thought I would show you a slight difference when I watch tv here.
 I get it with subtitles. Here is the lovely Oprah doing an interview with Mike Tyson. Alot of the shows I watch here are behind the U.S. They just now started showing True Blood. Alot of the expats watch shows online from home. I can't stand watching tv or movies on the computer so Im out of the loop when it comes to the newer shows. We alos get the shows that are canceled wich also ticks me off. If you don't know beforehand you can really get into a show that only lasted a season or 2. Everynight they show Little House on the Prairie! I really miss american tv though..The Foodnetwork was my favorite channel..I  miss the variety and all the wonderful seasonal the christmas movies and cartoons! I haven't seen A Christmas Story in almost 3 years..Im still looking for a copy of it here.
 When I watch the BBC channels, I get susbtitles in english even though the whole network is in english. I would say about 99% of the tv I watch has subtitles. There are times when our movie channel doesnt have it on but for the most part it's there. It took me along time to get used to that and not obsess over the words that were popping up on the bottom. It is a good way to learn the language though. I have learned alot of dutch from reading the subtitles.

So there you have shopping and tv time with Sonya in the netherlands!