Thursday, March 4, 2010

FAQ About Me and My Life..

I get alot of e-mails from different people asking me about my life here. I thought I would take a moment and answer some of those questions on here..because I know you are just waiting on pins and needles to learn more about me and my life here in the Netherlands..ha ha

Q: Where is The Netherlands?
A: I am including a photo to show you. We are in the red and the small greenish area is where I live. As you can see we border several countries.
Q: What made you decide to move there?
A: Alot of reasons really. The main one being we working both working hard,opposite shifts and never had alot to show for that hard work. Looking back we left at just the right moment. We got out before the economy went really bad. We loved our life in Oregon but we found ourselves in a position where if we were going to make a big change it needed to be then. So we talked it over,talked with the boys and in a span of one month we sold off,left behind, and gave away everything we owned. I stuffed 3 giant suitcases full of our pictures,ornaments,clothes and whatever else I could fit. We arrived in Netherlands with a heart full of hope and a dream of a better life.

Q. You always talk about how small it is there. How small is it really?
A. Well as you can see from the above photo,it's a tiny country. I have also included a photo for you showing the Netherlands inside of Oregon. I have moved from a state that had 3 million people and into a country with 16million. So maybe you can understand better why I miss Oregon so much and how finding a personal spot here to relax is not always easy.
 The green part is the Netherlands. I can go from one end of this country to the next within 3 hours. We are packed in here like sardines! LOL

Q: Is the Netherlands your home for good?
A: No. I knew within 3 months of living here that it wasn't for me. I'm lucky because my dutch husband feels the same way. There was alot of reasons he loved the U.S. so much and warned me it wouldn't be the same here. Some things your need to experience for yourself to really understand that statement. I still want the american dream in a european lifestyle. I want a house with land. The Netherlands will not beable to provide that for us. So in the next few years we will jump the border into Germany. There we can purchase a house with land at a more affordable cost. We will stay close enough to the dutch border so that my husband can keep his job and the boys can still continue to go to school there.  

Q:Will you ever go back to the U.S.?
A. I've learned to never say never. I never thought I would leave Oregon..let alone the whole country..yet here I am. However I can tell you with 100% certainty that I would be a little old lady before I came back. I had one giant life changing move in me and this was it. I do not want to start over again. I'm tired and so is my husband. I want a house where I can walk outside and not see 100 other homes around me. I want a garden,chickens and various other animals. I want to watch my two sons grow up,leave the house,beg them to come home more often,travel,still be doing this blog,learn to cook smaller meals for my husband and I,watch them get married, and have kids..and I want to do it all from a german home. However if we win the lottery Im drop kicking them all and coming back home! LOL Even my husband agrees with that!

Q: Do dutch people really smoke pot and visit prostitutes?
A: Yes and No. Some do I'm sure but it's not in your face like they make it out to be and most people who do that are visiting from other contries. There is alot of incorrect information about the Netherlands and most people talking about it have never been here to see for themselves. It's the same with people over here getting the wrong view of the U.S. I have been asked some crazy questions since living here and have had to listen to alot of incorrect information. I sometimes correct them,espically when it's directed towards me. One of my favorite questions was: Do you eat Squirrels? I thought they were joking so I laughed..but they weren't kidding. I always get the " You Americans" as if we are one. Thats the toughest thing for me...explaining to people here that you can not compair us and assume we all share the same beliefs. I tell them when traveling in the U.S. you come across different rules,accents,food,traditions,values and appearances. We have certain things that make us americans but thats it. I get asked alot about the southern states..alot. I always tell them that again you can't compair me to what goes on there because Im in Oregon..waaay over on the other side. I tell them it's like me asking them about Egypt. Thats how far I am here from the places they are asking me about in the U.S. I've never been to the south and big news flash..most americans don't get around to seeing the 50 states.

Q: Do you really like your life there?
A: I really do. I do miss the U.S. I really really do. I love americans..faults and all. Since moving here it has made me even more proud of us and what it takes to make a life there. We don't give up. We keep pushing forward. I love the outlook we have, the dreams we hold onto and that no matter what, we are proud of who we are. What I love most though is how right or wrong we do stand together on alot of things and we will extend a hand to our friends and neighbors. The U.S. has alot to learn. It needs to grow in many areas and open up it's eyes to alot of issues that they have no right what so ever denying someone of.

So there you have it! There are hundreds of things I can still touch on but this is a start. Please know that I love the questions so anything you want to know..jump right in and ask:)