Thursday, March 11, 2010

Around The House

Normal things around the house look different to me now. This is my back door..the door knob is normal here but different to me. I'm used to the round ones. Over here all doors come with keys wich is normal of course but the way in wich you lock and the consequence of what happens when you leave your keys in the house are different. To lock the door here you must lift the hand up and then lock it with a key. This door allows me to walk back inside the house without having to keep the key with me.
 My front door does not. If I walk out this door and leave my keys inside, I can not get back in unless the back door is open. Notice the differences with my door. There is no deadbolt and the whole thing is covered in that blurry type glass. I can not tell you how many times I have walked from the living room into the hallway only to end up screaming when I saw a figure out standing in the front. It's usually the mailman but it annoys me to no end that they can see me and I them if I'm in that area. The dutch go to great lengths to make sure nothing is private here. I have seen people hang up curtains infront of the door to keep others from looking in. Why they don't just make solid doors is beyond me. Not all doors are like this but a great many are. The solid ones still don't come with a peekhole or a deadbolt.

My windows come with locks aswell. The windows here are not like back home. They do not slide up or to the side but open up like a small door. You get a giant window with a cut out door to open..with no screen. When we first moved here I was almost eaten alive from the giant blood sucking mosquitos. We went around and put mesh up in the windows and the problem was solved. I don't see to many homes with that I don't understand why. They complain left and right about the flies and mosquitos getting in the house,yet they do nothing to solve the actual problem.
This is my light switch and plugin! Notice the round shape to it. I couldn't bring my appliances with me because of this. You can use a converter with some things but it's not wise to really do that. I really wanted to bring my Kitchensid mixer but found out I would of blown the motor anyway by using a converter. I wish you could buy the cute switch plates like you can back home..they don't have anything like that here.