Saturday, March 13, 2010

4 Expat Kitchen Tours!!!

I have teamed up with 3 other expat bloggers who will take you inside their kitchens:) European kitchens are different from what we are used to so we thought we'd all share a bit of whats going on in ours. At the end of my post I will include the 3 others and please stop by to check their kitchens out and say Hello. We've got 3 americans and a canadian. 
  Well thats my kitchen! that is also my only's very small. It's not uncommon to hear me cursing like a sailor because of the lack of space I have in there. I can not roll anything out. The counter tops are this awful bumpy surface. I don't usually have my blinds open either. Our place is next to a sidewalk and street so anyone who walks by can see right in. We were at one point going to put a large fence in to give us privacy..but we're moving and prefer to save our money for that. Two people max can fit in's really small.
When we fist moved here..this was my fridge. I actually thought it was a joke. I kept saying..we have a beer fridge, why do we have a beer fridge? I didn't realise that this is very much the norm here. We had to shop every few days to restock everything because barely anything fit in there. It was such a shock to me. I had to deal with that fridge for a year. When it came time to buying a new one I wasn't going to settle for anything less than a BIG one. My new one is still very basic in my opinion but atleast I can fit more in now.
My fridge now is tall but still skinny. The top part is the refrigerator. As you can see I keep the milk both on the side of the door and the extra one laying on the shelf. So lets take it from the side of the door. The bottom one has milk,juice and juice concentrate. The second shelf up has Bailey's,homemade maple syrup, soy milk(I never buy it but my father in law bought to much and gave me some),oyster sauce and whipping cream. Next I various squeeze bottles with garlic sauce,ketchup and then some lime juice. At the very top I keep the butter.
In the fridge itself I have butter,eggs,the boxs on the second shelf down to the left is called Slagroom and that is to make homemade whipping that stuff. I've got pickles,ketchup,mayo,eggs,and the bottom pull out drawers holds veggies on the left and cheese and sandwich meats on the right. Lets take a look at my freezer!
 My freezer has 3 drawers..but they are small. There is no stocking up for me. The dark blue pieces above the drawers are for freezing ice cubes. Lets look inside a drawer!
The top drawer has pizza and egg rolls. To the left you can see my ice cubes. You wont really find ice cube trays here. Instead you get these plastic bags that come with pouches where you fill it up with water,tie it off and then freeze it. You pop the cubes out from the pouch and into your drink. It's kind of a really neat thing. You can stack them and it gives you more room instead of having a tray. 
Next to my fridge I have a long white cabinet that has two shelves,several drawers and then another shelf on the bottom. At the top I keep extra goodies I find at the store,Tokos or from home. You can see pudding,various bottles of sauces and an extra container of Lawry's Seasoning Salt from home.
The bottom shelf has alot of my baking items. There are more seasoning from home,a bag of light brown sugar,the yellow box in the back is cornstarch and the box next that is cocoa powder. I had my Dad send me over measuring spoons and cups since I couldn't find them here and when making food from home you need to have those measurments.
 Aahh this is my goodie drawer. There is all the bags of chocolate chips,peanut butter chips, butterscotch chips, and puddings my Dad and step mom sent to me for christmas. I love that drawer.
This is my coffee maker! I've never seen one like this in the states. It can make one or two cups(there are to small spouts right above the cups that pour out coffee for one or two). The neat thing about this is that it takes seconds to make coffee. There is no waiting around for the water to get warm. You fill the detachable part from the back with water. You press the middle button and it takes maybe 30 seconds in the morning to heat the water up. You open the top,place the number of coffee pads you want in there, close it and hit the one or two're done! Coffee in under a minute.
                                                                                               Here is what the top looks like when you open it. It has a detchable handle that you can switch out for one or two cups. That one is for 2 and you can see the coffee pad aswell(One coffee pad for 1 cup and 2 cups you place one pad on top of eachother and close the lid). The downside to this is that if I buy ground coffee I can't use it in there. You would need to buy a regular one wich you can do aswell. Coffee drinking is very different here. You never see people walking around with their Starbuck's never see people drinking it in their car. Our car doesn't even have drinking cups in there. When you want coffee, you stop and sit down while you drink it. There is no rushing around.
Last up we have spices! I thought I would show you what I use when cooking. Starting at the top left.
1. Italiaans..Italian Seasoning
2.Zwarte Pepper...Black Pepper
3.Knoflookpoeder..Garlic Powder
4.Lawyr's Seasoning Salt:)
5.Uien Poeder...Onion Powder
8.Provencaalse...this comes from a Trader It's Herbs de provence.

Well there you have it. My tiny little kitchen and some of the items you will find in there. Please head over and visit the other expat bloggers.

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3. Lytha . An American also living in Germany

I think I'm probbaly the first to post so please check back to their blogs incase they havent been as quick as me!