Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday's In My City...

Unknown Mami
Hello from no longer snowy but rainy Holland! If this is your first time here, every sunday Unknown Mami allows us to take a look into her world along with everyone else who signs up. So head over and take a virtual trip. 
We had a bit of sun this week..and I mean a bit. As in we had get out suppa fast to get some photos taken. I thought I would show you the streets,the houses along the way and some water..because a post without water in the Netherlands is just so wrong!
 First up we had to stop for gas! gas stations tend to look so much alike. You can buy flowers there and let me tell you, the flowers there were prettier,bigger,fresher and cheaper than anything I ever bought back home.
 Here is what a typical dutch street looks like. Can you tell one of the differences here? The streets here are not covered in power lines. I love it.
Here is another look while we were waiting for the light. I never get tired of the brick homes.
As much as I love this house, I wouldn't be to happy living on such a busy road. I would want my curtains closed all the time.
  We stopped by a canal to get out and walk. As you can tell there is a powerline but it's out in the country side.
                                                                                  As we stood there this big ol thing went by!
 We then took a drive through a small town. Some of these places shouldn't allow cars because of how close you are to the people walking down the streets!
 This is actually part of the downtown area in this little town. I can see the appeal of living like this. You can open up your door, take a left and be shopping in a matter of minutes.
  Here is the downtown area. There are people living above all of these shops and if you look closely you can see parked cars facing eachother both ways. That is not against the law here..which ever way you can fit your car in is ok. I hope you enjoyed your tim here! Have a wonderful week and see you next sunday!