Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday's In My City..

Happy Valentines Day! Thanks to Unknown Mami we can peak into eachothers lives once a week. Please head over to her site and check her life out aswell as everyone elses. I'm posting from the netherlands..welcome if this is your first time here! Today my husband and I took a walk through the nature wich took us from the netherlands and into germany!
 It's been snowing again so we had to watch where we walked. We could hear the ground cracking beneath us and the last thing I wanted was to fall and land in the cold water! Not all areas had water but it was hard to tell the difference between a path and a ditch at times.
  Every spot we walked to was just begging for it's picture to be taken!
   As we came out of walking through this path we were greeted by another change in scenery.
   It was so brown but equally beautiful! 
   This is a bordermarker post. My husband told me that up until 1992 they patroled the borders but now there is a free traffic of people and goods.
Ok ok, this one had me laughing. I have a small bucket list and one of the items included being in two countries at once. So my right foot is in the netherlands and my left is in germany! As you can tell I walk and dress for comfort and not to impress! As we walked along we saw people that dressed straight out of a winter catalog and here I am in my jeans and nike's! LOL
I'm always very aware of how different things are here..I've never had to worry about border control.
  The first sign in german we came to. It's stating that we are in a nature preserve for birds and we aren't allowed there during certain times of the year to allow the birds to breed in peace.
 I spotted my favorite fairytale mushrooms along the way.

    We came upon a bird watchtower and went inside.
    Here is a view from the top.
 Back into the snow scenes and on our way back to the car. It took us about an hour but what a great walk it was. I plan to come back in the summer and then again in fall. I bet it will be equally beautiful. Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you liked all the photos! As always,click on them to make them larger:) See you next sunday!           Unknown Mami