Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday's In My City..

Welcome to Sunday's In My City..brought to you by Unknown Mami. Please head over there to check her sunday out aswell as everyone else's. Incase this is your first time sunday is brought to you from The Netherlands! This week's theme is "Random". I've got a bunch of random shots I have taken over the last couple of months. The building at the top is actually a cool looking heating company I believe. Thats what we understood from the sign. I think it's so amazing looking and Im so loving the famous Delft blue tiles they used on there.
 Hot air ballooning is really popular here and it's not unusual to see this in your neighborhood. If there is a wide open space thats open, they will land there.
  The snow is gone for now thank goodness. However it's been replaced with rain. So when I need a quick pick me up, I remember our country drives we love to take during the summer and fall months.
   When the sun does come out, it makes for beautiful flower photography.
  Last up we have this guy. When I was adjusting my camera I had it pointing down. He walked right up to the lense and was checking himeself When we get a farm I want a goat..and some chickens. Thanks for stopping by and see you next sunday!      Unknown Mami