Friday, February 5, 2010

Mishmash Friday

I had a dream lastnight about Spring..This is the first time in a very long time that I am just so ready for winter to be over. I am so over it already! Welcome to Mishmash Friday. On these days I will share tid bits about my expat life here in The Netherlands. I was going to share with you some weekly news but I forgot to remember alot of it. However I do remember this: There was a woman in the netherlands who hadn't been able to sleep since sunday. Her neighbors went on vacation but failed to turn their tv and dvd off. For 3 days it played The Teletubbies all day and night over and over again and she was unable to fall asleep. She finally called the police and they came over and went into the house to turn it off!
 They don't sell Rach dressing here so when you go to buy Cool Ranch need to look for Cool American! LOL I couldn't believe it when I first saw that. The chips are also different. They taste the same but the ranch coating on it is really light. Now if you buy the cheese doritos those are normal...must be because everyone eats cheese here.
   This is my butterfly tree right now.
  This is what it looks like in the summer..Im soooo ready for everything to come back to life and bloom!