Thursday, February 11, 2010

Funny Valentine Cookies and Thank Yous

Yesterday I made my annual valentine cookies using my most favorite lemon sugar cookie recipe wich can be found HERE. These cookies are nice and soft, not hard and crispy, and the lemon flavor is by far better than the vanilla..well to us anyway:) So anyway as I'm decorating I start to notice that if you turn the heart shaped cookie upside and do a little design you get this..
 I can't be the only one who sees a pair of sexy underwear when looking at a heart like that..but wait..there's more..

I saw a matching bra to go along with it..yes I have waaaaay to much time on my hands. To make these all I did was thin out some frosting and used a toothpick to draw an outline and then filled it in with more thinned out frosting and covered it in sprinkles. You could go one step more but covering the cookie in a hard white frosting and letting that dry. Then come in with other colors and make the thong and bra and even put a tattoo above the panty line aswell. The possibilites are endless as to what you could make with these.
  On to some thank yous. I have gotten a fair amount of awards lately and if anyone has noticed I haven't posted any thank yous or passed them along. I have funny issues with awards. Although I am SUPER thankful that anyone would think me worthy of an award I must confess..I love your comments more. I am super bad about passing those along so please don't think I don't care, just chalk it up to way to much sugar in my brain to keep anything straight:) It makes my day when you take the time to send me a comment..even if it's just to say Hi. I love it.