Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday's In My City..

Welcome to snowy,cold,when is spring going to get here Holland :) Please head over to Unknown Mami and check out what she is doing this sunday aswell as everyone else. I couldn't bring myself to post anymore snow pictures. I'm officially boycotting it and winter all together.

   However, I really do love bird tracks in snow! We've got rabbits and hedgehogs around here but I haven't been lucky enough to spot either one.

     Yesterday I bought myself some new slippers...I just love dutch clog slippers. They make my feet look ginormous and holy smokes do I need a tan!!!

   I also bought some beautiful yellow tulips. One of the things that I love about The Netherlands is how amazingly cheap their flowers are. I've never been able to buy myself beautiful flowers on a regular basis..over here you can. Incase you didn't know it, the netherlands is the largest exporter of all flowers. Tulips are big here and I can buy them in colors I didn't know they even came in. Once spring hits everyone starts planting beautiful bulbs and flowers into their yards in every color combination you can think of.

     This morning I baked up this cinnamon coffee cake..come back tomorrow if you want the recipe. It's sooo good! Thanks for stopping by everyone!     Unknown Mami