Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday's In My City..

Hi everyone! Thanks to the super duper popular Unknown Mami, we can travel around each sunday and peak into everyones world. Please head over there and check her out aswell as everyone else who signed up. This weeks theme is "Killing time before the video store opens up" First up we have a gas sign! I keep forgetting to take a picture to tell you about it. We pay a poop load for gas. Infact as of right now we pay a little under 8 american dollars for one gallon of gas. When the gas prices got really bad we were paying 10 for a gallon. I suppose it shouldn't be a shocker to understand why almost everyone bikes to work. 

   Here is a photo of some bikes that are parked next to a train station. There is another section that holds hundreds and hundreds of bikes but on the weekends everyone is home. I hope to catch a photo of that soon.

      Here is a photo of the train station..usually this is one busy spot but again it's sunday and everyone is home. I was hoping for some brighter photos but this is a classic dutch winter day" Grey and dark.

  Now if you have some free time, you could always swing by Erotic Land and rent a cabin for a few minutes. You can rent one or two person cabins. Can you imagine living above that?

       Last up we have the City Center. Every tuesday and saturday they fill that spot up with an open market. You can buy cheese,clothes,flowers,meats,veggies,whatever you like. Again this is usually a super busy place but on sunday's nothing is open..nothing. You can buy some gas and now there is one grocery store that opens up from 4-7 and thats where everyone goes. I hope you enjoyed your time here. I'm off to watch some rented movies with the family. See you next sunday!                   Unknown Mami