Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday's In My City..

YAY It's Sunday and you know what that means..Thanks to Unknown Mami we can travel all around the world. Please head over to her site and see what she and the rest of us are up to this week. It's another mish mash of photos this week. It's pretty ugly out right now. I love snow but Im not a fan of it once it starts melting. So here are a bunch fo photos I have taken from 2009. 

Up first is the lovely town of Rectum..yep you say it just like it looks. Can you imagine the travel brochures to this place?

         Here is a lovely country house in rectum. I love the way the homes look here. I never get tired of looking at all the brick homes. I think since living here I have seen one wooden built house and even then I'm not totally sure it's all wooden. The urge to knock on their door and ask if I can come in is getting out of control.

         We went sea fishing one weekend and had to buy these special sea worms. They were so alien like. You arent allowed to handle them without gloves. This worm you see was split in two..and he fought it the whole time..YUCK!

       On another fishing trip I snapped this photo of a dragonfly. I never realised just how beautiful they are. I hope to capture more photos with my new camera this summer.

        Don't forget to make a wish! I loved these as a kid..well I sorta still do!

       Lastly we have Mr. Sexy Rooster who strutted right over to me while pushing his chest out as far as he could. The hens just loved him. Thanks for stopping by. See you all next sunday!                 Unknown Mami