Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stuffed Peppers Question..Help!

        I will never ever take another food photo again without using my lightbox. I get a beautiful new camera for christmas and this is what I do with it..take crappy photos because I am to lazy to go upstairs and use the lightbox. If I had more space downstairs I would put my lovely lightbox down here..but I don't. So thats it. Im just going to take the 5 minutes to walk up there and snap away. Atleast then I will have a clear picture to be proud of! Ok now that I have that out of my system!

I need help..I made these stuffed peppers tonight and they were just alright..nothing worth posting the recipe for. I was wondering if anyone out there makes there's and what you add to it? Here's the kicker..it can not contain the usual tomato sauce in it. My husband and I have a love/hate thing with red sauce. It's to acidy for me and my mouth breaks out. So here is what I added to mine: 1lb of ground beef,1 cup of cooked rice,mushrooms,garlic, italian seasoning,onions, onion powder and 2 cups of cheese. It needs to be more,moist or something. We all ate it, and it wasn't bad my any means, but it needs more taste of some kind. I was wondering if maybe I added some beef broth to it,to kind of bind it all together a little better? I'd love to hear what you all do when you make them. Thank you kindly:)