Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mashed Potato Fail and The Po-Po Shut Us Down

So how many of us have gotten excited over a recipe only to have it turn out like complete crap?! See that mashed potato mound? Can you tell what it's supposed to be? a freaking rose. I was all excited to come on here like a Miss Smarty Pants telling you all how with just a little effort you too could make a mashed potato rose to surprise your family. I mean Valentines Day is coming and what a sweet way to present it. Well not only does it not look like a dang rose but it tasted like complete crap aswell. I guess I'm not a smarty pants after all.

Yesterday my husband and I went out driving. We went to our local fishing spot to scout out a new area. We love catch and release and wanted a new spot. So I guess this area is also known as a haven for the local druggies. When we went down the dirt road we see two motorcycle police officers passing us up ahead we see an american 70's van. Now if that doesn't say hey Im snorting lines then I don't know what does. Those things stick out like a sore thumb here because noone drives such a monster. As we go by sure enough I could see what they were doing. So we scouted our new spot and left. As we rounded the corner there was the two motorcycle officers and one police van parked infront of the road. They came over and started questioning us as to what we were doing. My husband said..we're looking for a new fishing spot and you could tell they didn't believe us. They just looked at us..what did they think we were going to say? "Uhm yeah we thought we'd you know,do some smack before picking the kids up" So after explaining it 3 more times they let us go but that was after copying every single bit of info they could from us. I guess they were getting ready to confront the people in the van and asked if we were there to see we would of said yes..

I always have these moments when my brain says"You know you're living in The Netherlands when..." So each week Im going to bring you a wacky piece of info I hear on the news. This week: There is a Sex Fair coming and they are setting up a Swingers Bar with a dark room..incase you wanna go ahead and give it a try. I'm thinking that would make one hell of a post for Sunday's In My City...not that I'm going. I'm one of those people that still laughs like a kid when someone says penis so I can only imagine what a sex fair might do to me. In middle school I had to say penis and vagina in health class until I stopped didn't work and Im laughing right now.